Projection Based Strategies


Projections strategies enable advertisers to target various high traffic areas of a market and then transform virtually any physical wall surface into an exciting digital canvas bursting with light.

This spectacular outdoor display of static and animated brand messaging stops consumers in their tracks and compels them to engage, react and share.

Custom Digital Installations

National Experiential fuses art and science to curate innovative digital marketing activations that yield results and create amazing consumer driven brand experiences. Our digital installations promote interactivity through emerging technologies that include but are not limited to  Multitouch, Augmented Reality, Social Sharing, Mobile Interaction. Photo/Video Capture and much more.

Street Level Dominations


National Experiential is the invisible influence!  We are the brand activation vendor that helps our clients build and maintain their coolness with consumers utilizing the element of surprise. We dominate the streets with activations that deliver brand messaging.

National Experiential is your go to vendor for implementing creative, original and viable marketing concepts that are not 100% sanctioned by target municipalities.  We are the rogue agents that deliver when others cannot. Our strategies and tactics are engaging, results driven and fun.

Custom Experiential Events


National Experiential offers solutions and ideas that satisfy the consumer demand for one-on-one, shareable interactions. We humanize brands and connect them to consumers. This is our expertise, our passion and our lifestyle.

You dream it, we do it!

Mobile Event Tours


Each stop on a tour is another opportunity to offer consumers an experience they will not forget. National Experiential manages the logistics and planning that gets brands directly in front of the consumers they want to engage.  We infiltrate and disrupt their day to day lives with campaigns designed to reach the designated target where they live, work and play.

Event Staffing & Sampling


No matter what your product or service, no matter what type of activity you’re planning, National Experiential has the skilled event staff ready to go.

Our team of Brand Ambassadors have the right experience and qualifications to represent your brand. Our team of diverse professionals is dedicated to creating meaningful experiences and influencing your target consumers by delivering your message that drives results. Our database is national; our team is strong.